Skincare Routine 2017: Everyday vs Deep

I have a love-hate relationship with keeping on top of my skincare routine; whilst I enjoy the benefits of an in depth, full cleanse, I struggle to find the effort and motivation for it to occur regularly. I have sensitive, normal/dry skin with only a few problem areas around my chin. Throughout this post I will talk through my everyday skincare routine including products and links along with an in-depth routine.

Being a 17-year-old girl comes with the perks of constant changing of skin types etc but currently my skin is verging on the drier side. I get a few random breakouts when I feel nervous or am stressed but apart from that the only other area I tend to suffer from spots is around my chin.

Hope you enjoy reading, any questions, feel free to ask!

Everyday Skincare Routine 

 I like to stick to the following routine throughout schooldays and feel this works well for me and my skin:


skincare 2 Step 1: Clean face with warm water and flannel

Step 2: 1 pump of Clinique Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam onto flannel, scrub face, rinse with water.

Step 3: Pour some Clinique Clarifying Lotion onto a cotton pad and sweep across face avoiding eyes

Step 4: Pat face dry with a towel

Step 5: Moisturise with Lacura Face Care Day Cream. Use Benefit, It’s Potent! Eye Cream under eyes.


Step 1: Remove all makeup using Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water with cotton pads

Step 2: Cleanse skin with Clinique Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam or Clinique Facial Soap using flannel and warm water

Step 3: Dry face with towel

Step 4: Moisturise using same products as in the morning

Deep Skincare Routine

Admittedly, this does not happen as often as it probably should and this year I have made a real effort to carry out most of this routine every week/every other week. Sometimes I do not use all of the products depending on how my skin is feeling:


skincare 1

Step 1: I will remove my makeup using the Micellar Water, if I’m not wearing makeup I will start to exfoliate my face using the Estee Lauder Fresh Balancing Exfoliator to remove any dead skin.

Step 2: I will then use the cleansing foam to cleanse my skin to remove the particles left from the exfoliator. I will usually do these 2 steps in the shower.

Step 3: Apply Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Face mask , although I cannot stand the smell, it does a good job. I leave this for about 20 minutes before removing it with a sponge and warm water.

Step 4: Rinse my face with warm water

Step 5: I only do this step every couple of months which is to use purifying Nose Pore Strips that I get from Superdrug.

Step 6: Moisturise using same products as everyday routine

Step 7: Apply Clinque Custom Repair Serum all over face

Let me know if you have any holy-grail skincare products that I need to try in the comment section,

Hope you have enjoyed reading






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